Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The tummy bug monster has been visiting Kennedy Rd, first Tyler then Chris. I've managed to avoid it so far *touches wood*

As with everywhere, it's been pretty cold down here, but luckily no snow at all. Here's Tyler looking very styly in a lovely 'jerwy' knitted by Granna. And Sting colours too! :)

I have my final exam for HRM next Tuesday - eeek! It's definitely a LOT harder to study with a wee man around. So much more fun playing with him. ;)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yesterday was Anton's 14th birthday. Chris had rugby at Gore and then we planned to go out for tea (Anton's choice). However Chris buggered his shoulder at rugby, so we got lots of takeaways and a yummy cheesecake, a couple of DVD's and a PS2 game and partied at home instead.

Here are the two bros hangin' out...

And here's Tyler in his favourite reading spot

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Poor wee man is sick, has some kind of tummy bug :( He stayed home with Chris yesterday and seemed to have come right during the day, but went downhill again overnight. This morning he is just sleeping on the couch and drinking water when he wakes.

He is going through a polite phase and says 'Kankoo' and 'Peeees'. If he wants me to get out of bed he will drag my dressing-gown over and push at me saying "kankoo" until I get up. He also says 'K' for OK.