Saturday, June 30, 2012


Some photos sooner than promised - we popped over to see Tyler's cousins Stephen (currently on semester break from Uni) and Rebecca. He adores them both.

Weather Bomb

First day of the school holidays and we woke up to a cracker frost, but with sun and no wind. It's still -3C as at 11:30am as I type so we are inside with the fire going. We survived the weather bomb - the predicted gale force winds apparently skirted us although we did get the tail end about 2 days after they were predicted. We had snow, hail, sleet, thunder and lightning, making driving hazardous at times.

The photo to the left is evidence of Mr 7 sneaking outside on one of the wintery days BAREFOOT to cavort in the snow!

The camera is charging in anticipation of holiday photo-taking. The three of us are going to the Kidzone Festival on Wednesday so no doubt there will be plenty of photo opportunities. 

Apart from that, there is not much to report as we have spent the last couple of weeks keeping the fire stoked and doing inside activities. I am starting to bend my mind to Tyler's 8th birthday party as his birthday is only about 6 weeks away. He has asked to have  'The Magic Guy', who also came to his 6th birthday party and was a hit with the kids. But who knows, that could change tomorrow!

Back in a few days with photos.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Conversations with Tyler

This morning:

Tyler: If a whole lot of woolly mammoths dropped out of the sky in a circle around you, you wouldn't be able to escape
(there ensued some discussion on the probability of woolly mammoths falling out of the sky)
Me: So where did you find out about woolly mammoths?
Tyler: At school we have this non-fiction book and it's about woolly mammoths and diarrhoea wolves.
Me: !!!!! Are you sure that's what they're called?
Tyler: Yeah, it's D I R E. 
Me: ????
Note to blog readers: If you can figure out what sort of wolves he's referring to, please enlighten me. I'd like to get rid of the mental image that's haunting me.

**Update, thanks to Mr Google I now know there was a prehistoric wolf called the Dire Wolf. So now you know too. You're welcome.

This afternoon at the supermarket:

Tyler: Can I have some chocolate milk. It's on special.
Me, taking opportunity for maths practice: How much will we save? 
Tyler, cheating by looking on the sales ticket: 70c. Oh but it's $4.33 if we litter.
Me, puzzled then lightbulb dawning: Ah, so its $4.33 litre.


Tyler: Can I please have a bowl of chips?
Me: Yes, but just a small one.
Tyler: Can you get it then?
Me: No, you're perfectly capable of getting it yourself.
Tyler: But I'm not very good at amounting.