Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! We started the Easter break by decorating hard-boiled eggs.

Early this morning was the Easter Egg Hunt, and Tyler was very happy with his haul. After he found the last egg he held up his torch and declared "This case is closed!" and dramatically clicked the torch off.

Yesterday we had an Easter lunch at the Howards and obviously some people ate enough to make them sleepy :)

Aunty Helen made a gorgeous chocolate birds nest cake

Photo: Omg worst mum ever only 11 eggs on the top of the cake. Last year we had 13 #hatelife

And yes, it tasted as good as it looked!

As usual I have been singing since Friday and have one last lot this afternoon. My voice is feeling pretty tired so it will be good to finish. 

We are hoping to get away for a day or day/night trip tomorrow, probably up Central or Te Anau way.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Whoosh! That's 2 months of the year gone.

Goodness me where has the year gone? Let's pick up where we left off shall we?

Alright then, vegetables it is! Doing the grocery shopping recently, I stopped at the drink section (not alcohol, we're in a Licencing Trust area, but if there was an alcohol section I would definitely have been perusing it) and had one of Oprah's Aha! moments. OK yes I know that Oprah's Aha! moments are generally about significant things like 'I finally figured out how to cure cancer/make World Peace/be a nicer person' but I'm a simple girl. It was the V8 juice. This is not just your standard apple or orange or mango juice, this is juice which includes vegetables. Juice that doesn't taste as if it has vegetables in it. I hatched a plan that could indeed be called a weasel.

That evening when Tyler asked for a drink I gave him a glass of juice. "What's in it?" he asked with a touch of suspicion. "Oh mostly orange juice, with a bit of apple" I responded airily. He took a cautious sip. "Mmm this is the nicest juice I've ever had!" he said and proceeded to skull the contents of the glass accompanied by much inner celebrating by me.

Later that evening I chanced my arm and said to him "Do you know what else was in that juice? Carrot juice!!"  "What? Really? Wow, now I know how I can eat my vegetables!!" Now I just have to test out the other varieties of juice-with-veges to see what he'll drink.

In other news, we have acquired a pub-size pool table which is ensconced in the man-garage. Chris has bought a slab of some kind of hard board which converts it into a table tennis table. So here's the wee dude taking on the big dude. Big dude is looking intensely competitive.