Friday, February 16, 2007

Today Chris spent 5 (count 'em - 5) hours down at Fracture Clinic with Tyler. The vast majority of that was waiting. Do they not understand that a 2.5 year old does not understand the concept of waiting quietly?! Anyway, they took off the half cast and re-xrayed the bone. It had a bit of a bend in it so they gave him some gas and straightened it out. Ouchies, but he was a brave wee man. He is now completely zonked out and hopefully will stay that way for the rest of the night. Here he is asleep on the couch earlier. He chose the colour of his new cast all by himself....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another milestone in the life of Tyler - his first broken bone. Last night he fell off the seat of our picnic table and has a clean break just above the wrist of his left hand. So he and I spent all evening down at A&E. He is in a plaster cast for a week then it gets removed, the bone re-xrayed and another cast (hopefully a light fibreglass one) is put on. He is coping pretty well, although we all had a very broken sleep last night. He has got over tugging at the edge of the cast and asking me to "take a off" and seems to have accepted that it's there for now. Bathtime tonight will be interesting! Here he is blowing bubbles this afternoon.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

It was a beautiful day today, so we all (including Anton's friend Matthew) went to Riverton around lunch time. We caught lots of crabs which Tyler really enjoyed, although not to the extent of having a baby one on his hand. Then we paddled in the shallows. Tyler was a bit hesitant at first but was soon right into it and loved the waves coming in. His constant refrain was "Again!" and fortunately the sea obliged ;)
Tyler is now permanently in the next room up at daycare and absolutely loves it. He actually pushed me out the door the other morning he was so keen to get into it! He is fascinated by Gilligan the axylotl who is one of the pets in his room. The first day I was there I said to Tyler "Look, he's smiling" (hoping T wouldn't notice that the 'smile' contains a row sharp little teeth) and a little boy behind us piped up and said "No he's not, he's sad". I asked why and he said "He misses his Mummy". Hmmm, maybe he ate her?