Saturday, July 21, 2012

Going along swimmingingly

The first week of school is over and we are well and truly back into the school routine. Tyler's teacher promised him a reward if he learnt to tie his shoelaces over the holidays. Yes, we are bad parents who have always put him in shoes with velcro closures! But we knew it was time he learnt so we bought him school shoes with laces. He accomplished the task and was very proud of himself and has had his reward from the teacher.

Last Sunday we all went to Tapanui to watch Chris' team the 'Stuffed Hawks' play in a Golden Oldies rugby tournament. It's always a hoot to watch - during the later stages as everyone tires, the ball becomes like a hot potato the players seek to offload as quickly as possible so they don't have to run!

We are on the countdown to Tyler's 8th birthday and have decided on a rainbow theme. Nice and easy for the Mummy :)  Now we just have to wrestle with the vexed question of who to invite. Oh the ins and outs of a nearly-8-year-old's social circle.

He started swimming lessons yesterday with the Murihiku Swimming Club and seemed to really enjoy it. Chris and I don't care what physical recreational activity he wants to do as long as he is doing something. 

A little gem from earlier this morning, after finally defeating a monster on his Wii game after many tries: "Mummy I did it!! I finally did it!! Gosh my heart is really pumpable right now."

Friday, July 13, 2012

Whoosh, there go the holidays.

Here we are at the last weekday of the school holidays and it seems as if it was only yesterday that they started. Tyler has had a mixture of OSCAR  (broken bones not included this time), Mummy-time and Daddy-time. He has had a friend to stay overnight and been on a day-trip with another friend, so I don't think he's had a chance to complain of boredom.

We spent today tootling around doing some messages for me, visiting toy departments so he could ogle Pokemon, Bakugan and other must-have toys for nearly 8 year olds, and then a wander through Queens Park and a twirl on the playground.

Chris is gearing up for his trip to Hawaii in September for the Golden Oldies rugby tournament and is off to Tapanui this Sunday for a tournament. I'm still playing netball and really enjoying it this year. Our recent club night was a 'B' theme and I went as a builder. Everyone got dressed up in theme and there were some quite inventive costumes. Here's me and my team which includes a Bollywood actress, Barbie and a Bikie chick. 

Tomorrow is an early and sad start - long-time choir member of A Capella Singers and also it's President, Peter Lenihan died this week and ACS are singing at the service. Peter's wife Di is also our Musical Conductor so given the circumstances I am conducting instead. It will be an honour to sing him to rest. 

And I guess Sunday will be getting ready for the new school term. Tyler came up to me this evening and said "Mummy, what would you say if I said I wanted to give $100 to the hospital? Because that's what I want to do."  Bless.

Thursday, July 05, 2012


Wednesday we all went to the Kidzone Festival which is held at the James Hargest College senior campus. It was Chris' first time there but Tyler and I have been for the last couple of years. The layout is similar each year so it's reasonably easy to find your way around. 

Tyler's favourites this year were the trampolines (in a harness) and the spinning globe. He was a bit uncertain about going on the latter, but Chris convinced him and the wee dude was soon talking it up in the queue. He came off afterwards loudly proclaiming how awesome it was. We did notice that he had is eyes firmly shut a fair bit of the time :) 

Here as promised are some photos from the day:

Gigantic bubble-making


The Spinning Globe

At the entrance

Taiko Drummers