Saturday, January 27, 2007

We went to the Edendale Crank Up today. It was glorious weather and Tyler was in 7th Heaven with all the tractors. We also took Rebecca and Stephen and three kids of Chris' crew-mate. I treated myself to a helicopter ride which was awesome. The kids went on the big Titanic air-inflated slide and Stephen took Tyler with him. It's very steep and at the top, Tyler's face was saying 'Crikey'. They slid down at high speed, disappeared into the soft landing area and then we heard at great volume "AGAIN!!!"
Rachel, Sam and Samantha visited in the afternoon. Mr Moo is so pleased with his pulling-up and cruising efforts.

Monday, January 15, 2007

First day back at work, yipee. NOT! It was pretty boring as no one was organised enough to hand over any files to me till right at the end of the day, so most of the day I just finished off technology projects.

Another hot day, although quite windy. Millie is back - she went AWOL two days ago and we rang the pound, who rang back today to say they had her. Looking a bit sorry for herself and covered with bidi-bids.

Tyler goes back to daycare tomorrow, so no doubt he will be tuckered out by the time I pick him up. I'm sure he knew I was going back to work today as last night he woke up 4 times, the little ratbag. He's been sleeping right through for a while now (although going to bed quite late).

Had a visit from an internet friend yesterday (Hi Tuppence! *waves*) We yakked for ages and she got caught up on our BB.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We had our paddocks mowed yesterday to make into baleage. Tyler was very excited by the tractor and got to ride in it for a while. Today they made the bales and we walked around later tucking the ends in.

Tyler has now peed in the potty two nights running - tonight he was crouched at the side rather than standing up. He was very pleased with himself (as were we).

This morning I cashed in my voucher to the Beauty and Beyond spa which Chris gave me for Christmas. Spent the first half hour soaking in a Cleopatra Milk Bath, then an hour of back massage and facial, including an eyebrow wax and hand massage. Oh bliss!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

So here we are in 2007. Our plans to have another baby have sadly not come to fruition, so I am busy listing Tyler's baby clothes on Trade Me.

I am enjoying the summer break although the weather hasn't been playing ball. Yesterday Tyler and I went to the annual Cromwell touch tournament. Chris couldn't come as he was working, but Tyler's cousin Stephen came with us and played. We did OK considering a number of our top players weren't available. We dropped Stephen back at Alexandra afterwards where the Howards are staying in the camping ground and had tea with them. So it was a long day, as we didn't get back till 10pm.