Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to earn money

Tyler has hit on a way to supplement his pocket money. Actually it is his only income as he still isn't getting any pocket money at the moment due to 'the TV v Wii' incident. It goes like this:

1. Get a large bag.

2. Into this bag put a bunch of random toys and other objects that you no longer want.

3. Go up to the nearest adult and say "For $1 you can choose something out of here."

4. When adult refuses to pay $1, say "Well have you got some cents."

(At this point the adult is thinking 'yes I have got some sense and I'm not paying you for stuff I already bought you).

5. Look all doe-eyed at the adult until the adult gives in.

6. Accept the 20c offered by the adult who then randomly draws out of the bag anything from a McDonald's plastic toy to a toy frog that would out-green Kermit.

7. Repeat steps 1 - 6.

It is fast approaching the end of the school holidays. Tyler has grown so much that we had to buy a whole new summer uniform for him. He spent the first week at the OSCAR Holiday Programme which included mini-golf and a karate lesson. I took the last 3 days of last week off and we all hung out together, going to the movies (Real Steel) and getting out on our bikes while Chris went for a run. We popped up to Dunedin for the day on Thursday so that I could see the speech therapist.

And because as I mentioned in a previous post that there seems to be more about my singing than about Tyler and the family, I have created a new blog just for my singing thoughts. It's here

if you're interested in that sort of thing.

As a last hurrah on that front, here are a couple of what I call my opera-diva photos that I had taken for a bit of fun.