Sunday, September 03, 2006

The week before last part of one of the very tall trees by our gate fell down - miraculously a) no-one was there at the time b) both vehicles were on the outside of the property and c) the tree fell in a straight line down the driveway, so virutally no damage except for the powerline to the deer shed and garage coming down. Chris is a bit disappointed that it didn't annihilate one of the smaller sheds on the way down as he quite fancies a new one! Anyway, for three days in order to get out of the property we had to go across the to the paddock with the pig pen, walk round the pen, duck under the trees and go across the verge to the road. Lots of mud because of the weather. So imagine me in my work suit and gumboots, Tyler under one arm, handbag under the other, Tyler's bag on my back negotiating the pigpen, the mud and the low branches. It's all cleared now though.

Tyler wasn't well last week so had a visit to the doctor and a day at home. The antibugs kicked in and he bounced back quickly.

I went Dunedin for the weekend to the Salmond Hall 35th Reunion (my hall of residence when I was at University). It was quite small but lots of fun. I also visited Rachel, Chris, Sam and new addition Morgan who is just gorgeous.