Monday, January 15, 2007

First day back at work, yipee. NOT! It was pretty boring as no one was organised enough to hand over any files to me till right at the end of the day, so most of the day I just finished off technology projects.

Another hot day, although quite windy. Millie is back - she went AWOL two days ago and we rang the pound, who rang back today to say they had her. Looking a bit sorry for herself and covered with bidi-bids.

Tyler goes back to daycare tomorrow, so no doubt he will be tuckered out by the time I pick him up. I'm sure he knew I was going back to work today as last night he woke up 4 times, the little ratbag. He's been sleeping right through for a while now (although going to bed quite late).

Had a visit from an internet friend yesterday (Hi Tuppence! *waves*) We yakked for ages and she got caught up on our BB.

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