Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's birthday week in the McLeod family. On Friday we celebrated Granna's birthday. She had a lovely dinner out with Richard and then we all had cake and coffee and lots of other yummy things at Helen & Craig's.

Today is Grandad's birthday but he is in Rangiora so that's a bit far to go for cake and coffee :)

Tomorrow is someone else's birthday but we won't mention that will we? ;)

Tyler has a mirror in his room on which we have stuck the painted wooden letters of his name that he was given by Aunty Leona for his birthday. He now says 'Ta-ta' every time we point to his name. His favourite game at the moment is 'Ouch' which consists of him bouncing up and down on Daddy or Mummy's tummy making them say 'Ouch' very loudly (especially if they have just had tea).

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