Wednesday, January 04, 2006

On Monday Rachel, Chris & Samantha from Dunedin came for lunch. Tyler and Sam had a great time together, and both were pretty tired by the end of it all. Rachel is 12 weeks pregnant and glowing!

Tuesday, we went swimming with Helen, Stephen & Rebecca. Tyler was very reluctant at first, but finally decided that he wanted to join in the fun, and then demanded to be with Anton all the time, preferably at the deep end with lots of splashing :)

Tyler's latest word is 'tacta' for tractor. He is also very good at waving goodbye and saying 'ta-ta' and blowing kisses. His repertoire of animal noises has expanded to include 'bk bk' for the hens and 'ssss' for the snake. 'RRRRURRRR' for the lion is still the enthusiastic favourite.

Happy 92nd Birthday Great-Grandma in Dunedin!!

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