Sunday, May 20, 2007

Last night Tyler said "Mummy, I burped in my bed". This was after he called out to me about 3am and I went in to find he had expelled the contents of his stomach into his bed. That was one heck of a big burp son. It must have been some 24 hour bug, as he is quite perky now and has just started eating again. I stayed home with him this morning while Chris and Anton went mountainbiking. Haha, I don't miss slogging up Bluff Hill 3 times in a row. Two tired and muddy boys have just arrived home.

Tyler has just been through a phase of getting very upset when I leave him at daycare. Of course as soon as I was out of sight he would be fine. As suddenly as it happened it disappeared and now almost as soon as we are in the door it's "Wave Mummy out the window". Sometime he's so busy playing with the plastic skeleton hanging beside the window he forgets to wave and I have to tap on the glass. (Yeah, bye Neil)

Anton has changed classes at school and is obviously agrees with him, because he is enjoying his classes, is learning things (always a bonus) and he hasn't been getting detentions - at least not that we know of ;)

Apart from that, life just chugs along. I have another Economics test this week so have Monday and Tuesday off to study.

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