Friday, February 29, 2008

What a cutie :)

Last Saturday we took Tyler to the Weber Bros. Circus. He really enjoyed it, especially when a clown came and gave him a High 5! Every day we detour past the circus so he can look at the big tent and relive the experience in his mind.

After the circus visit we went to Queens Park for Tyler to play in the playground. He demanded that I go down the big slide after him. So I hauled myself up there and then started sliding down. Only to get stuck 2/3rds of the way down because kids had been going down in wet bathing suits. So I half stood up to get myself over the damp bit and WHEEEEE! I did the big banana-skin slip. Thought I had sprained my thumb, had a seriously ouchy elbow and my butt.....oooooh the pain!! It's even worse now! And did Chris rush over and soothe my bruised body (not to mention battered pride)? Nope, he couldn't stop laughing long enough! Here's the bruise 2 days after the event.

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