Saturday, August 09, 2008

I spy with my little eye......

Tyler has discovered how much fun can be had with a camera. His technique needs some work (endless photos of his feet and random bits of ceiling) but he makes up for it with enthusiasm. This photo is one he took himself while investigating the workings of the lens.

Sadness again in the Campbell-McLeod household. I got pregnant again in June and had an early scan which showed a little bean with a heartbeat. Very excited after what happened last time at the first scan. Plans were made for a CVS in Christchurch in August, but on 28 July (ironically the day our other wee bean would have been due) I started bleeding. It settled down for a while but then amped up again, this time with cramping and contractions. A scan revealed that wee bean had died several weeks earlier. My body valiantly tried to miscarry naturally but didn't quite manage it so I ended up in hospital yesterday for another D&C. Heartbreaking, but we will get through it.

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