Saturday, August 08, 2009

So the moment has nearly arrived - my baby is a baby no longer, only 7 more sleeps till he turns 5!! He had his first school visit on Thursday afternoon. He is going to Sacred Heart School (and yes I know we are not Catholic but it is a lovely wee school and Anton went there for a year when he was 10 and did very well). Tyler was a bit overwhelmed at the start as his class (Room 2) started the afternoon with a physical education session, joining with the other junior class.

Back in the classroom the teacher told a story which he enjoyed and then he got to practice writing his numbers. By the end of the classtime he was starting to interact with some of the other children. He has two morning visits next week, which include having lunch and Chris will take him to these.

Friday 14th will be his last day at Surrey Park Early Learning Centre and that will be quite a sad day. He has been attending there since he was 5 months old and I can't speak highly enough of the care he received there and the happy environment. Saturday 15th we are having a family birthday tea (so if you are reading this G-A Betty, G-U Dennis and Julie, you are invited!) On the Sunday he has his kid's party at Chipmunks. It has a Transformers theme and I have sourced an edible icing with his two favourite characters on it which a local bakery is going to put onto a chocolate cake for me.

In other family news, Chris' rugby season has finished and just as well. He managed to dislocate two fingers at various times and the old body just doesn't get to the tryline as fast so he has been playing flanker and lock more than in the backs this year. My netball is going well - my team has just reached the semi-finals so we have at least one more game.

I am starting to prepare music for Competitions and also I am part of a smaller group from within the choir I sing with - A Capella - which has been named A Capella Concertino (my suggestion, I thought the meaning was quite apt) which is going to do more challenging works. At work we are having an inter-team competition which instead of being the usual sports or quizzes is a 'Preston Russell Law's Got Talent' show. The judge is Suzanne Prentice. Our work team (Admin) is going to sing a song based on G&S's song 'I am the Ruler of the Queen's Navee'. Each verse is written about a partner of the firm so hopefully we'll get a few laughs. My own individual item is 'A Word on my Ear' about a diva who is actually tone deaf but has managed to fool everyone because her accompanists cover for her! Should be a lot of fun.

Right that's about it for now, I shall really try to keep this much more up to date. In the meantime, here is a link to an album on my Facebook profile which contains a bunch of pictures of the blokes in my life :)

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