Sunday, November 07, 2010

All the fun of the fair

Ok so silly me forgot to take the camera last night so unfortunately no Guy Fawkes photos. But Tyler had a great time and completed tired out the words 'wow' and 'awesome'.

Today was the Sacred Heart School fair. There was a children's Mass first and the kids were fair busting to get through it and outside :) The weather was a misty rain when we first went to church but by the time we got out it had stopped and it got progressively better as the day went on. Tyler had a ball, and spent his own money and his mother's with abandon. His favourite thing was getting his hair done at the Funky Hair stall by his teacher.

His mother and father followed more sedate pursuits i.e. Devonshire Tea and cake stall.
I'm back into singing lessons with a vengeance now and have a bunch of new music to learn including Despina's aria 'In uomini, in soldati' from Cosi, the upper part of the duet 'Christe Eleison' from Bach's Mass in B minor and the amazingly-named 'The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation' by Purcell. Looking back, it is exciting to see how far my technique has developed this year. I have had a number of comments along the lines of how much richer my voice is sounding, so the practice is obviously paying off.

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