Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yes, I'm a bad blogger - way too long since the last post. School has started and Tyler is enjoying being in Room 3 with Miss Swney. It's a bigger class than his previous one but he seems to be fine. Swimming lessons have started 4 days a week and he is loving them. His reading books now have chapters, so he's quite proud of that.
My singing engagement diary is starting to fill up. Basilica choir has started again which is every second Sunday. I am singing in a 'Best of Baroque' concert on 13 March - 'Let the Bright Seraphim' and 'If God Be For Us' as solos, plus a duet (probably the Vivaldi 'Laudamus Te'). April 17th is the first A Capella concert for the year (Stainer's 'Crucifixion') then at Easter Vespers I am doing the Mozart 'Laudate Dominum' which is absolutely gorgeous. I'm also working on a Mahler lied which will be a nice little show off piece so hopefully I get a chance to sing it somewhere.
At the end of the month Chris is playing in the Touch Nationals in Christchurch so we are all heading up there for 4 days. Normally the Nationals are held in Auckland, so this is a great opportunity for me to see Chris play at a National level for the first time.
And on March 29th I have a flying visit to Auckland to see Andreas Scholl in concert - can't wait!!
Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to sort out some photos to post here.

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