Saturday, November 19, 2011

Novmber = Birthdays

November is birthday month, in that my Mum, my Dad and I all have our birthdays within one week of each other. Both Mum and Dad's were birthdays of significance this year - 70th's. Both parents chose their style of celebration - Dad steadfastly ignoring the opportunity to party up (Hi Dad!) and Mum gathering close family together at a local restaurant. Helen and I arranged a delicious mud cake from Colonial Bakery for her birthday cake and we had a lovely time celebrating.

My birthday was during the week and to be honest I kept forgetting about it due to numerous other events happening in the same week. However my family made sure I didn't forget on the actual day, even though my birthday tea is atually tomorrow (due to the afore-mentioned numerous events). Helen and Mum colluded to get me this fabulous wall decoration that I had coveted since seeing it in E Hayes & Sons. I don't have a present from Chris yet - no, no don't get all huffy on my behalf, there's a good explanation! I am to get either a tablet, an e-reader or a laptop, but which one depends on a fair amount of research about what will work best. Tyler made me a gorgeous card which me a 'supper' birthday :) We had tea at the Lonestar where I scored a free dessert, being the birthday girl.

Other things we have done recently: Visited Tiwai for a family Open Day. It was really good to see where Chris works (although not very close up due to OSH contraints) and Tyler certainly appreciated the candy floss and kid's freebie pack. We also got to see one of only 29 keas in the world, and a fine fellow he was two. Tyler was quite impressed with him and likes to don this mask which was part of the freebie pack.

I've been doing a bit of singing and am getting getting geared up for my debut as a conductor. I'll be blogging about that here.

Tyler has been enjoying his sports this term and yesterday, he helped his Flippa Ball team, the Sacred Heart Seals get into the finals next week, by blocking all except one of the goal attempts by the opposition. Chris said the kids were so excited at the end that here were high fives and squealing and hugs galore.

Today, Tyler and I went to the annual Santa Parade. The weather was perfect and he enjoyed the floats, especially on where his friend's mother was driving and the friend was leaning out of the window grinning and waving furiously, yelling "Tyler!!!!"

Tyler seems to have picked up Chris' penchant for making lists. Last night, after Chris went off to work, I asked him what he wanted to do and he said "I'll make a list" and here's the result.

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