Saturday, December 23, 2006

Last night we finally put the Christmas tree up. Tyler spent most of the time taking ornaments out of the various bags and exclaiming "Lookit Mummy! Bootiful!" Poor wee man hasn't been well recently, nothing dramatic but a constant mild fever and lethargy and he wasn't eating much (a sure sign something's wrong!). He's on antibugs and seems to have bounced back now. The cold I had in the lead up to the A Capella concert turned into sinusitis so I am also on anitbugs.

Last day of work for me yesterday (and last day as Practice Manager) and last day of daycare for Tyler. Just a few last bits and pieces to get today and then we're done. Ruth Kate and I (aka Three Good Women) are doing some items for the St Stephen's Christmas Eve service at 11pm tomorrow night. I'm going to sing Schubert's Ave Maria and play the flute version of Bach's Ave Maria. Ruth and I will also sing a duet. It's a lovely way to slow down and get into the true spirit of Christmas.

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