Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tyler's little catchphrases at the moment are:

"I like-a some...uuummmm...." meaning he wants something but he can't figure out what it is (usually food).

"Uh oh, happen?" when something breaks/falls/interesting happens.

We also have a thing we do where if he is getting stroppy and/or hitting I say "Where's nice Mummy?" and he will stop and stroke my face. It's a little calming thing for him. Yesterday I was so proud of him when he was mad at me for not allowing him to have something he swung his arm at me and then stopped himself mid-swing, reached up and stroked my face.

Another Mummy Moment last night - as he was having his last feed before bed, I said "Love Mummy?" to which he smiled and stroked my face and then said "Love Tyler?" which he's never said before. I said "Yes I love Tyler, and you'll make Mummy cry" and he went "Nah" in a sort of dont-be-ridiculous tone. So cute!

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