Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The saga of Tyler's cast.....with it being so hot he has been very itchy underneath it and scratching lots. Then about two days ago it started to smell. And it got worse, really stinky, like you could smell it when you walked into the room. I knew that wasn't right so I rang the orthopaedic clinic this morning and we went down just before lunch. The nurse took one whiff and said "there's something very dodgy happening inside that cast!". She sawed it off and then we had to soak the underneath layer off because it was stuck to his skin. The whole top layer of his skin was peeled off and his whole arm was red and raw and bleeding in places. He looked like he had a really bad burn all over his arm. They think that something little got inside the cast, got damp and then reacted with the padding stuff (some people apparently have reactions to the stuff they use).

Anyway they x-rayed his arm and said because it was healing so well that they could leave the cast off. So they cleaned his arm and put bandaging all over it. I have to soak it off in the shower on Friday morning and if it is healing, then all good but if not I have to go back for it to be re-checked. And then we still have to go back Friday week for a final check of the bones. Poor wee man, he was really good and only cried when they started sawing off the cast. The problem now is that they told me not to let him jump off things in case he broke the arm again! Helloooooo this is a toddler!! *rolls eyes*

Chris flew of to Aux today for Touch Nationals, so we are missing him already. But - it has been raining steadily all day, so our tanks are filling up again, yay!!!

Oh and I've got a solo to do for our next A Capella concert - Brindisi from Verdi's La Traviata. A nice high B to finish on.

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