Friday, March 02, 2007

Tyler and Sam
Last weekend Tyler and I went to Dunedin for Samantha and Morgan's christening. We stayed with the Harwood's. I got us Hell pizza for tea and didn't realised the pepperoni on one of the pizzas was hot, so when Tyler took a bite he got a nasty surprise :( He kept trying to cool his tongue in his glass of water.

Tyler managed to behave during the christening, although at one point he whispered loudly "Sing Happa Birthday now Mummy?" (it was an Anglican service with quite a bit of singing). He got to go to Sunday School too which he was quite impressed with because they got given Tiny Teddy biscuits!

Today we went back to the hospital to get his arm checked. Fortunately only there for an hour and a half this time. It was x-rayed through the cast and they said it was healing well, and that he was to come back again in 2 weeks, when they would remove the cast and xray it again. Hopefully he will not need another cast.

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