Friday, April 13, 2007

For the Easter break, we left Invercargill on the Saturday after Chris finished nightshift and travelled up to Dunedin where we had lunch at Eureka with Rachel, Sam and the upwardly mobile Morgan. yummy food courtesy of Chris (not mine, Rachel's - coincidence that they are both chefs and both called Chris). Then on to Oamaru to stay with Leona and Dave in the gorgeous villa. Once he got over his initial alarm, Tyler loved playing with Diesel, Kim's dog. Sunday we travelled through to Christchurch where we popped into Rosina's for lunch.

The following day we popped out to Rangiora and had lunch with Dad and Jan (who had hurt her back - hopefully much better now). We then took Tyler to Orana Park. We couldn't wait for him to see the lions, tigers, cheetahs, giraffes and monkeys. Guess what he found most riveting?......the ducks!! Oh and the planes flying overhead. Takes after his cousin :) Here's the wee dude on the (not real) baby elephant.

We picked up Anton and his mate Matthew and we all went out for tea at Jetts.

Tuesday we left early and had breakfast at Ashburton then lunch at Dave and Leona's. When we got to Dunedin, Tyler and I popped in to see Grandma who was looking well. Finally home at teatime, rather tired.

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