Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sorry for the length between posts. Work has been totally mad. Why do clients suddenly decided that just because there's a (small!) holiday coming up that anything they were planning to do, despite having no deadline, suddenly has to happen beforehand? Ah well, the upside is I am already half-way to my budget this month :)

Because of the madness I have missed the last three Economics lectures. That's 6 hours worth of eye-crossing graphs, formulas and explanations I've missed. And we have a big TEST straight after the semester break. Looks like some late nights of study for me.

Tyler has had a bit of a sniffle and has been very tired....and chickenpox is doing the rounds. Hmmmm. *checks Tyler for signs of spots* Nope, nothing there *crosses fingers*

We are off to Oamaru and Chch on Saturday after Chris comes off nightshift. I will drive while he sleeps. We'll stay with Leona in Oamaru and then we have motel in Chch and will catch up with Rosina and Dad & Jan. Chris is keen to take Tyler to Orana Park, Willowbank and the Antarctic centre.

Today was a very significant day for my Mum - she retired. She was the subject of a feature article in the Southland Express and the head-note on the front page was "End of an era - Dot retires" She is so famous she is known by one name - like Pele or Madonna! I think her office was a florist shop by the end of the day and it'll take her months to get through all the choccies.

We now have some more calves, so 15 in total. They are very cute. I will consider them even cuter when they make us some $$. The three sheep and the goat got shorn the other day just in time for the weather change.

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