Thursday, July 19, 2007

This morning we had another waterless start, as the pipes had frozen. You don;t realise how many little things you use water for until you haven't got it. Anyway, it's running again now. We have resorted to using a gas heater in the hallway to help take the chill off the bedrooms. The heat pump just can't cut in these low temps.

Tyler is toasty warm thanks to the new 'jerwy' Granna knitted him. In this photo he's crying because he hates having his photo taken, not because he doesn't like the jersey!

Chris has been crook for the last 10 days with a cold which has turned into a full on chesty thing. Being a man, he won't go to the Dr and get something to knock it on the head. *rolls eyes*

I've started my last NZ Dip. Bus. paper - Introdution to Commerical Law. It should be quite handy in my present job.

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