Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tyler is over his phase of not wanting to get dressed although he demands to take off his sweatshirt the moment he is inside. I have discovered that if you want a small child to do something you don't ASK them to do it, you tell them. e.g. if I say "Tyler would you like to put your socks on?" it's likely the response will be "No sanks Mummy".

I took Tyler to East Road Pets on Saturday. He just loves the turtles and kept returning to their terrarium. Probably a bit young for his own turtle just yet - I suspect we would find it wandering loose about the house a fair bit!

I passed my Economics exam with an A. Didn't do as well as I'd hoped in the exam. Too many dang diagrams. I can haemorrage words but I just don't do diagrams. Not complaining though, pretty happy with an A! Only one more paper to go this semester - Introduction to Commercial Law - and then I will have my NZDipBus. 12 papers and one baby later, feels like I've been studying forever.

Anton is up at Bruce and Ali's for the week. Chris is supposed to be on days off at the moment but has a 2-day course. Never mind, ot means he gets an extra two days later on.

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