Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yes, it's been a while. We have all been struck down with illness to varying degrees. First Tyler was sick on the actual day of his 3rd birthday and then Chris and I were sick the weekend we were supposed to have his party. I copped the worst of it, having 3.5 days off work - unheard of for me. I never want to be that sick again.

Anyway, today we finally had Tyler's party, although it was really just an afternoon tea. I made a cake and here's a picture to prove that my talents lie in directions other than cake-decorating *lol* He had a great time and will probably be hyper for a few hours yet.

Tylers' latest favourite saying is "Would that be good?" after setting out a proposed course of action. So cute :)

I had the first test for Commercial Law, it is worth 20% of the final mark. Unfortunately I was sick all the week before, so not only missed that week's lectures but also was unable to study. So I took a day to cram the day before the test. It was quite straightforward, but the lack of prep will definitely impact on my mark. I also had a mental block on the word 'plaintiff'. Weird and irritating!

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