Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends, we hope you had a lovely day. Ours was reasonably quiet. Tyler amazingly slept till 8am and then launched into his Santa Sack with gusto. He took all his booty into the lounge where Chris said "There are more presents under the tree." "Wow!" said Tyler "Really? How cool!".

Later in the morning Tyler and I went over to Mum's with the Howards and we all swapped gifts. Tyler's favourite seems to be his mock sword from the Howards, but he is also very much taken with a gift from Granna and Richard, which is a magnetic-paged book with various streets on which cutouts of various types of trucks, and heavy machinery can be placed. It is lovely watching him move them around, making the appropriate noises and telling a story about them out loud.
We had the traditional turkey with gravy and/or cranberry sauce with new potatoes and mint from our garden. We picked up Anton late afternoon and had more turkey with salad and new potatoes again for tea, followed by plum pudding with custard and cream. Chris is working night shift tonight so Tyler and I are having a quiet night in - he watching his new 'Thomas' DVD and me reading a new Dean Koontz (thanks Howards!)

Tomorrow we are having a Howard/McLeod/Parsons lunch at Mum's.

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