Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Here's another of Tyler's birthday presents, a Transformer toy. Now that he is 4 he has a tendancy to say things like "4-boys brush their teeth by themselves" and "I am 4 so I can do (xyz)"

But the funniest thing of late was when we were all jumping on the trampoline together. Chris started tickling Tyler who wriggled free, leapt to his feet and started pointing furiously at his head and shouted " Stop tickling me -my brain is going to fall out!"

The other day I was practicing some songs and he was playing with his toys near me. Every minute or so it was "Mum, look at this" or "Mum can you help me get that toy/book/thing" After having my warblings interrupted for about the 20th time I said through clenched teeth "What IS it Tyler?!" and he smiled at me and said "That's lovely singing Mama". Aaaaw *sniff*
Yesterday he and Chris went to the Riverton Rocks and got quite close to a small seal which Tyler was quite excited about.

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