Sunday, September 28, 2008

RIP Milly

Chris' wee dog Milly died on Friday :( A few days before that she had some kind of fit, but seemed OK afterwards. Then on Thursday her hindquarters went limp and she couldn't walk. She went off her food and was not responding to us. We bathed her and popped her on the sofa on a towel. Offered her a saucer of icecream which she loves, and she just looked away. She spent the night on the front porch snuggled into a blanket. When I got up I opened the door and patted her and she looked up at me and then half got up. I thought she was better than the night before, so went off to have my shower. When I looked out the door again she had gone from the blanket and I saw she had gone down the steps and was lying by my car. I rushed over but she was gone :( Chris has buried her on the farmlet that she loved and will make a wee metal plaque for her grave.

This is one of my favourite photos of her, with Tyler about a year ago -

Milly in her usual pose, looking up adoringly at Chris

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