Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Electricity? Check. Phone? Check. Newspaper? Check. .........
Only 2 more sleeps till we own the Wallacetown house! We're getting pretty excited now and Chris and I find ourselves lying awake at night planning where certain things will go, what new furniture we need etc etc. It will so good to have a big kitchen again, and warmth all through the house and a wardrobe in our bedroom. No more loud traffic early in the morning waking Tyler up. No more dicing with death getting out of the drive and into the traffic flow at peak hours. And as an added bonus, more singing practice time in the car :)

Once we get Tyler's new bike, we will be able to go down the road to the local school for him to learn to ride it.

Musically busy from here on in too. 31 August is the Music Circle tea meeting, then on 5 September is the A Capella concert where we combine with the Central Otago Singers and I have a solo item. Speaking of A Capella, I have created a website for them - very fledgling, but take a look here A Capella Singers.  At the end of September are the Southland Competitions vocal section. I'm in 8 classes, with 9 songs to prepare as the scholarship class has a test piece and an own selection. I have 4 new pieces to learn, 3 in other languages, but they are all lovely. I'm especially enjoying Blute Nur from Bach's St Matthew Passion. And I even have a Christmas singing engagement already - an aria from the Christmas Oratorio.

Now I must stop avoiding packing *girds loins* 

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