Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I took Monday and Tuesday off work to spend some time with Tyler, and recover from singing comps. Luckily the weather was pretty good, so we got to run around outside playing ball-tag and laughing ourselves silly. Chris rang from Sydney on Tuesday - they won their first game so all good. Home-boy that he is, he is already looking forward to coming home :)

I finally organised for the piano-tuner to come and sort out the piano. And there goes my prize-winnings from the weekend! (and then some). Currently it is a mere shell, with all it's innards in his workshop and not likely to be back for about 2 weeks. However when it is all done, it will be restored to it's not inconsiderable former glory. He tells me that it is a very very good quality piano and in original condition in the sense that no-one has mucked about with it and added unwarranted bits and pieces. Once he's finished I'll get it professionally polished and the old girl will be a sight to behold and hear. Yay - no more sticking B clashing with B flats.:)

Tyler spent the day at the OSCAR holiday programme and had a great time. He's also there tomorrow. I think he's missing his Daddy as all his drawings are of or about him. Friday I have another day off work and we are heading up to Dunedin for the night and to visit my friend who has a new addition to the family who we have not yet met. We are staying at a Holiday Park that Tyler loves because it has an indoor swimming pool. He doesn't know that yet, so it will a lovely wee surprise for him.

The stoopid photo thingy is still not working, sorry. I'm going to go and have a whinge at the Blogspot people.

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