Sunday, October 03, 2010

Dunedin visit

On Friday, Tyler and I headed up to Dunedin for an overnight stay. He was very excited because I booked us in at the Aaron Lodge Holiday Park which has a heated indoor swimming pool. So pretty much as soon as we arrived, we were off for a swim. It's a small pool and even the 'shallow' end is 3ft deep so almost up to Tyler's chin.

After dropping off a bottle of wine and some chocs to Stewart Robertson of Advertising and Art who created our new A Capella Singers logo pro bono, we headed off to Sawyers Bay to visit Rachel, Sam and Morgan and new baby Scarlett. Miss Scarlett is just gorgeous and like her siblings is an early mover. At 6 months old, she is pulling herself up to standing and trying to walk!

Tyler and Scarlett
  We had tea at Cableways and then after a decent interval we went back to the swimming pool. As I was feeling a bit cold I decided to sit beside the pool and watch Tyler. He was having fun toddling around in the shallow end and then all of a sudden, having pushed off the bottom a bit hard in the direction of the deeper water by mistake, he was going under and swallowing water big time. I ripped off my sweatshirt, jumped in and grabbed him. Both of us got an awful fright, but thankfully Tyler seems none the worse for his experience, and even as we were heading back to the motel unit (me fully clothed and soaking wet) he was planning his next swim!


The next morning we went to the Museum, and Tyler really enjoyed the rainforest butterly exhibition. He had a beautiful black and yellow butterfly sit on his finger. He also had heaps of fun playing with the kids interactive science exhibition. 
At the rainforest butterfly exhibition
 We then headed for home, stopping in at Dunedin airport to catch up with the Howards who were checking in for their flight to Brisbane.

Only one more sleep till Chris/Daddy gets home!!

Edited for the umpeenth time: As you can see I've managed to get some photos to load, but they have been severely distorted. To see them properly, just click on each one (and then hit the Go Back button on your brower to return to the blog)

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