Monday, April 26, 2010

Back to the drawingboard

We made an offer (low, as you do to kick off the negotiation process). They came back slightly lower than the listed price, we came up to the maximum we considered the place is worth, they came back with a tiny drop on their previous counter-offer. The agent offered to drop his commission to get the vendor to budge. He wouldn't. We've walked away. We're cashed up, we offered $20K more than the recent GV. Someone has their head in the sand. We are the only people who have even been to the house let alone made an offer. Chris told the agent that if we were still looking in a month or two and the vendor realised the error of his ways and wanted to resume negotiations, that our final offer will NOT be the previous top offer we made. So off on the house-hunting trail we go again *sigh*

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