Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Bloke Needs a Shed

Yesterday we looked at a house in Wallacetown. 1/2 acre section, house with internal 3 car garage totalling 290m2. Four bedrooms (or three and an office), formal lounge, ensuite (with heated tiles, aaahhhh) and.......wait for it.....A Big Shed. ABS is of course a prime consideration, even if other factors are not ideal. On the big clipboard of  pros and cons, it tips the balance a fair way :) On the other hand, what left the biggest impression with Tyler was....well put it this way, he asked me this evening if I liked the brown house with three toilets. Anyway, it ticked a lot of boxes for us, enough that the fact that it is still a bit out of town is not too much of a drawback. Watch this space.

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