Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happiness is a bouncy castle

Today we did some more open-homing. The first one is a small lifestyle block right on the town boundary which we had already looked at. If we could get it at the right price it would be good. The second place was right in town and was nice, but bathroom too small. The third...well we walked into the first bedroom and the strong perfume didn't quite mask the smell of cat or dog wee. And through the rest of the house, eau de dog. Don't even want to remember let alone describe the smell of the outside shed with the shredded dog couch. Eewwww.

Chris had rugby mid-afternoon so Tyler and I headed off to Chipmunks where he worked up a sweat on the bouncy castle and climbing stuff, and I laxed out with a coffee and book. Bliss for both of us :)  Took a couple of photos but the flash didn't go off for some so had to try and correct the light and colour. Not particularly successfully :/

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