Friday, May 07, 2010

Still no home to go to. We have advised the real estate agents for the Wallacetown property we are prepared to make an offer of $400K so we will see if that goes anywhere. In the meantime we have been going to open homes here there and everywhere. I have managed to avoid packing so far, but the time is fast approaching. Time to get ruthless! Which reminds me of a little ditty:

Ruth rode on my motorbike,
Directly back of me,
We took a bend at 95,
And rode on ruthlessly.

There's your Friday Funny :)

Tyler's school had a Wacky Hair Day today. Given that Tyler has a No.2 haircut, there wasn't an awful lot we could do short of buying a wig. He decided all he wanted was to spike his hair up with gel and so that's what we did.

In singing news, I am about to launch myself at 'Let the Bright Seraphim' (the aria Kiri sang at Charles and Diana's wedding). Wish me luck!

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