Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tyler says

This morning playing Candyland, I won the first game we played. Tyler dropped his lip a bit and I said "Don't worry, you might win the next one, but it's all just luck". "No it's not" he shot back, "it's BAD luck".

Later I asked him if he wanted to come with me to do something and he said "No I've got some business to take care of".

Chris is at work today so T and I had a look at a couple of open homes in town and then visited the Wallacetown school Gala Day where he proceeded to cram as much sugar into his system as he could before Mum's money ran out. They had a lot of arts and crafts stalls there and Tyler asked if we could buy something for Anton's birthday (18th) which is coming up soon. This was proving something of a challenge as 18 y.o. boys don't generally go for crocheted doilies or hand-painted vases but fortunately there was a stall with schoolkids selling chocolate so that solved that one!

Apart from that, we just keep packing.

Here's Tyler and Blueberry, his current favourite toy:

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