Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still searching

And still we search. We made a last ditch bid for the Wallacetown property as we were told that the vendors had softened a bit. Ha! Not by enough they hadn't! So....more open-homing and now some serious thought about building. Only 1 month till settlement so we have started packing. Chris' Dad has taken a bunch of farm equipment off our hands, together with the ducks, the chicken, the lamb, the sheep and the goat. I didn't get to say goodbye *sniff*. Only 'Rammy' is left and he is earmarked for the freezer.

Chris made a trip to Dunedin yesterday to visit his Uncle Ron who is sadly nearing the end of his time.

We have been enjoying the days which start with a crisp frost and blossom into blue skies and warmth. Long may they continue.

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