Sunday, July 11, 2010

Road Trip

The boys are off on their road trip to Christchurch. First stop, Leona and Dave's in Oamaru.

Tyler had a bit of a grumbly tummy this morning and I got a txt from Chris hen they got to Oamaru to say that the poor wee man had had a big chuck shortly before arrival. A bath and some food and he was feeling a lot better. Hopefully it was just something he ate as neither Chris or I are feeling any symptoms.

I am making the most of the 'me' time and had my singing girls round for the afternoon, then went to see 'Eclipse' this evening. (Team Edward in case anyone's wondering).

I had my first go at cycling round the Veldrome last Wednesday night. The bikes have no brakes as such and they are perpetual so you can't stop peddling or you will imitate a novice rider on a trotting horse. The tyres have no tread either. By the end I was riding the whole circuit between the black and red lines (the racing lines) and it was great! Don't think I am likely to be the next Sarah Ulmer though :)

I've been given the opportunity to sing 'Let the Bright Seraphim' again, this time at a concert being given by a visiting violin tutor from the Nelson School of music. Ruth and I are also going to sing 'Laudamus Te' from Vivaldi's Gloria.

Back soon to post some more photos.

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