Saturday, July 24, 2010

Third Time Lucky

By now most of you will know that the owners of the Wallacetown house with whom we had two separate lots of negotiations a while back, suddenly popped back up again and we were able to negotiate a price which was $15K lower than our pervious offer! Which is good because with size of the place we will need a bit of extra furniture. Settlement is on 20 August and because we are renting this place, we can move in over the following week, meaning we can do it ourselves again.

Tyler has settled in very well for the third term of school, he is now one of the oldest in his class and some of the new entrants look really tiddly beside him. We are in the planning stages of his birthday party which we having at our place - how shall I keep 8 hyped-up children entertained for 3 hours, especially if it's wet, eep! There is no particular theme to the party - the invitations are 'Cars' and the cake has been requested to be 'Spongebob Squarepants' so maybe we will just call it a My Favourites Characters party.

Fabulous day here today in the South, quite mild with clear blue skies and sunshine, quite lovely. Spent a good part of the day tidying and cleaning the house and then taking photos so that it can be listed on Trade Me.

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