Friday, July 02, 2010

SKY at last!

We have finally got SKY tv and I have spent the last half hour surfing channels (hooray for UK TV!). We got a deal for half price for 6 months and with the Tri-Nations about to start it was perfect timing.

Not a lot to report as it has been very cold and we have just been hunkering down by the fire and keeping warm. School holidays start today for T-man. He is very tired, so quite ready for a decent break. In the second week he and Chris are heading up Christchurch way to catch up with rellies. Which, while I will miss my boys dreadfully, will also give me an opportunity for some girlie time :)  On the agenda: drooling over vampires and werewolves (Eclipse movie), several uninterrupted baths and a visit to the velodrome for a WoW session (Women on Wheels).

Must get the camera out again - I had to laugh earlier this evening at Tyler pretending to be a Ninja and stopping every now and again to adjust his undies. Not such a good thing when fending of an assassin with a sharp sword!

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