Monday, August 13, 2012

Only 2 more sleeps

Tyler's birthday is almost upon us. This time it's a middle of the week one, so we are going out for tea on the actual day, with the party on Sunday.  The invitations have all gone out and so we prepare ourselves for an onslaught of children. The main event is Make Your Own Sundae. In keeping with the rainbow theme, there will be rainbow coloured icecream, and a multitude of coloured toppings and decorations. I think I better invest in a plastic tablecloth. Tyler has also requested Pass the Parcel and Charades for games, and once the kids have played and gorged, they can relax in front of the movie Up which, if you haven't seen it, is an animated movie which revolves around the adventures of a young enthusiastic scout and a grumpy old man who fly off in the man's house which is lifted by a multitude of multi-coloured balloons. Instead of loot bags, I have got little screw-top glass jars filled with jelly-beans and licorice all-sorts.

The swimming lessons are going...well....swimmingly. Since he started he has been moved up two lanes and the teacher said he is doing really well. He's like his father and is totally motivated by being first across the pool.

Not a lot else to report. Except: I got the MVP award for my netball team this year!! Totally amazed as I am far from the best player in the team. Far, far faaaaar from it.  But as our coach said, it's not about necessarily being the best player, but being consistent, doing all that is asked of you and improving over time. I'll take that :)

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