Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yes, it has taken this long to recover

Sunday 5:30pm found me reclining on the sofa, ears ringing, staring vacantly into space. Two hours of rampant, sugar-hyped 8-year-old's charging around the house followed by cleaning up after said 8-year-olds can do that to a girl. Was it worth it? Oh yes.

Thankfully the weather also came to the party (did you see what I did there?) which allowed much of the partiers' sugar-high manic energy to be dispersed by running round and round the lawn, shrieking (sorry neighbours) and firing Nerf gun bullets at each other. 

That's one of the good things about parties as the kids get older - they entertain themselves a good portion of the time. We ended up doing the food as a sort of on-going buffet, where they could run screaming around the lawn, then grab some more food fuel before running screaming around the lawn again. We all came together for a game of pass-the-parcel followed by sundae-making which turned out to be a hit with the kids.

As I Facebook-statused later, you know you've hosted a kid's birthday party when your own dinner consists of 2 potato-top pies followed by icecream with M&M's, multi-coloured sprinkles, mini marshmallows and jelly!

As promised, some photos (the theme was rainbow):

Lots of balloons

Blowing out the candles

The alternative to loot bags - lolly jars

Eating sundaes and watching 'Up'

Mmmm, sundae

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