Thursday, August 16, 2012

What time does a Birthday start?

According to the now-8-year-old, the answer is: When he wakes up. Which yesterday, his birthday, was 3:45am. That was the time he bounced into our bed and said loudly: "Mummy! Daddy! Isn't there something you want to say to me?" "Happy Birthday, go to sleep" we both mumbled in unison. But noooo. This boy was AWAKE. 

Chris threatened to not give him his presents until the evening which quietened him down for about...oh....10 minutes. Then it was "I love you" "You're the best parents ever" "When can I get up?" Answer: When the alarm goes off (5:30am, Chris being on day shift). There followed what felt like hours of tossing and turning, limbs being thrown in all directions, complaints of "I can't get to sleep" and then the occasional burst of 10 minutes dozing. By the time the alarm went off we were all well and truly ready to get up. Tyler was gratifyingly ecstatic about his presents and trotted into school full of the joys of life. I drank litres of coffee and contemplated shutting my office door for a nap at about 3pm. 

We went out for tea with the Howard family, Granna and Richard to the Lone Star and that's when it all finally caught up on the wee dude, who took his new pillow pet (thank you Aunty Helen) and lay down on the floor by our table quietly playing his new Nintendo game. He was asleep pretty much the instant his head hit the pillow after we got home.

So now we get ourselves organised for the kid's party on Sunday. I'll definitely be needing a nana-nap after that.

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Nanny said...

Haha poor you! Birthdays definitely do not start that early! You should have really taken a sneaky nap behind your desk. Props to you for making it through the day!